Michael Added to Grand Jury for Bowery Awards

Michael is honored to be chosen as a Grand Jury Member in the 2020 Bpwery Awards.

New York City’s Bowery is infamous for being a hotbed of creativity and culture. A place where mavericks and free thinkers met, collaborated and developed work that would eventually escape the city streets and influence the world. Honoring that spirit, The Bowery Awards is a competition for today’s creatives working independently in the commercial landscape. 

All proceeds for the Bowery Awards will be donated to Feed the Frontlines NYC. 


About New York Festivals

New York Festivals Award competitions are a simple way of telling clients and vendors that you are not interchangeable, that there is a standard of excellence in which quality and passion matter. 

Dedicated to fairness and integrity, we are all about honoring the work. You take your work seriously, and so do we. All of our award competitions honor and promote the exceptional and innovative content being created today on all continents and seen across all platforms. We respect the achievements of the many talented men and women who make up the worldwide creative community.

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